A Denver Artist, Madeleine Dodge has been a figure in Denver’s artist community for the past
thirty years. 
She graduated from the University of Colorado in Boulder in Fine Arts as a painter.
Working in a variety of media on steel, she is known as an artist whose work continues
to be both innovative and experimental.
In recent years her work has evolved through realism and symbolism to embrace
an abstract aesthetic more related to a deep sense of the simplicity of the essential. 
The use of parallel lines within the field is her means of exploring the relationship of time
and space and the experience of the observer and the object as one. 
Her work is grounded in working with materials and process as they relate to color,
rhythm and form. 
Though often intimate in scale, the works convey a monumental presence. 
In terms of content, she draws on her own psyche and experience as these relate to
the universal, paralleling reference points in ideas found in literature,
both ancient and recent, and in current scientific research and spirituality.
A member of Spark Gallery in Denver, Dodge has shown extensively throughout
the region in group and one person exhibitions and has been the subject of several
museum exhibitions. 
Her work is in corporate and private collections throughout the United States, Europe,
Africa and New Zealand. 
She has been the recipient of awards for “Best of Show” on many occasions and received
Fra Angelico Award and the Lorenzo de Medici Fifth Degree in Painting from the
Florence Biennial in 2003.
She and her husband, David, a retired physician and classicist, have three grown sons,
all artists. 
They travel frequently in support of their son’s growing careers, attending their openings
throughout the world as well.
She is represented by VanStraaten Gallery in Denver, www.vanstraatengallery.com
She is also a member of Spark Gallery, on view at www.sparkgallery.com.

Recent work